• Build Your Holiday Pallet Decorations

    So you say you’re not quite ready for the Guild?  How about making a decoration for your porch?  This is a great project for woodworkers of any level, including those brand new to the trade!  See pictures below of some holiday pallet decorations for complete beginners.

    Our experienced instructor will walk you through step by step to complete this project.  Before you know it, your friends and neighbors will be admiring your new art work.

    Pallets will be used for building, and will be provided on the first day of class (wood / materials cost listed below).


    Day of week: Tuesdays

    Dates: Oct. 3rd through Oct. 17th 2017

    Time: 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

    Location: HS 174

    Registration fee: $35

    Minimum class size: 7 students

    Maximum class size: 25 students

    Duration: 3 weeks

    Instructor: Gene Luby

    Choice of: Tree or double sided scarecrow/snowman