• Fall Foliage Cookies

    Learn the basics of brush embroidery with this cookie decorating class. Create a colorful variety of fall foliage on cookies using the classic decorating technique with buttercream icing.


    Day of week: Thursday

    Dates: October 12th 2017

                October 19th 2017

                October 26th 2017

               November 2nd 2017

    Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

    Location: HS Cafeteria

    Registration fee: $15.00

    PLUS: special items students must bring to class listed below.

    Minimum class size: 5 students

    Maximum class size: 10 students

    Duration: 1 night

    Instructor: Sally Maines,

    certified Wilton Instructor

    Age Group 14+

    Student Project Class Supplies

     Here is a list of supplies for this project class:

     Required: ¨ Round Fondant Double Cut-out set (417-2581)

     ¨ 12 in. Disposable Decorating Bags (2104-358)

     ¨ Standard Couplers (411-1989)

     ¨ Decorating Tips: Round 3 (418-3) – 3

    ¨ Decorating Brush set (1907-1352)

     ¨ White Ready-To-Use Decorator Icing-1 lb. can (710-118)

     ¨ Icing Colors (recommended): At least three colors (purple, red, brown

     ¨ 6 - 3 in., un-iced round sugar cookies (for cookies shown, the largest and second largest cutters of the set were used)


     ¨ 9 in. Angled Spatula (409-7712)

     Other Supplies:

     ¨ Apron

     ¨ Knife (for icing cookies if angled spatula not purchased)

     ¨ Scissors

     ¨ Disposable cloth or paper towels

     ¨ Toothpicks

     ¨ Small bottle of water (squeeze bottle recommended)

     ¨ Confectioners' sugar

     ¨ Disposable cups or bowls for tinting icing

     ¨ Waxed or parchment paper

     ¨ Silicone spatulas

     ¨ Tape ¨ Damp cloth in plastic bag

     ¨ Gallon-size plastic bags for cleanup

     ¨ Container to transport cookies


    Key Class Techniques

    • The Three Essentials of the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating

    • Basics of Cake Decorating

    - Tinting Icing

    - Preparing a Decorating Bag without a Coupler

    - Preparing a Decorating Bag with a Coupler

    - Filling a Decorating Bag

    - Holding a Decorating Bag

    • Decorating Tip Techniques

    - Dot

    - Bead

    - Outline

    - Brush Embroidery

    Some stores where Wilton Products and course kits are available: Michaels, A.C. Moore, JoAnnes Fabrics and Amazon.com.