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Q: How do I contact HelpDesk?

A: You can Contact HelpDesk by Calling ext 2500 or Email

Q:  How do I change my password in Windows? 

A: 1)Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete, and then click Change a password.

     2)Type your old password followed by a new password as indicated, and then type the new password again to              confirm it.

     3)Press Enter.

Q:  I forgot my Oncourse Password who do I contact?

A:  If you forgot your password, simply click on the question mark next to the password field to retrieve your password.  Follow the on screen instructions to retrieve password

Q: How can I lock my screen on a windows computer?

A: press the Windows Flag key and the L key at the same time

Q: How do i lock my screen on a Mac Computer

A: Click the apple on top left and select Lock Screen.

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