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Chromebook Basics

20 Chromebook Apps for Education in 10 Minutes

Q:  Can I login to my Chromebook at Home or out of district? 


A: Yes.  Chromebooks use Google Login ID to login so it can be used anywhere

Q:  Can I get setup to a printer? 

A:  Yes. A printer has not been setup on your Chromebook yet but can easily be added by IT simply put in a work order or contact helpdesk and let them know which printers you would like to connect to.  Some printers in district are not available to the Chromebooks.  

Q:   Many Websites are not working. 

A:   Since Chromebooks use Google login and not Pinelands Network login it will not automaticly authenticate on the Internet.  Best way to do this is to select this "Login Link" or go to a website like our homepage at  This will now prompt you with your User ID and password.  


Chromebook Desktop Guide

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