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Pinelands Regional Junior High School Administrative Team

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    Eric Pschorr and Dr. Kimberly Clark 

A Message From Mr. Pschorr

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    Mr. Pschorr   



    Dear Wildcat Community,

    Let me begin by welcoming you to Pinelands Regional Junior High School.  Junior High students, during their two-year tenure, will "Promote Respect" and "Achieve the Honorable" through their academic and personal successes.

    Pinelands Regional Junior High School has an excellent educational program taught by a talented and dedicated faculty.  This junior high school is committed to providing each student with an education in which essential information and skills are learned, knowledge is explored, and ideas are critically analyzed and evaluated.  

    Your child's formative years are a special time in his or her life - a time of academic and personal challenge, and a time to make important decisions about your child's present and future plans.  We invite you to participate in our school community and to enjoy the excitement of learning.  One of our goals at Pinelands Junior High School is to serve and nurture all of our students.  The school exerience of today is filled with more pressure, more competition, and higher expectations than ever before.  We empathize with this and at the same time do not lower our expectations.  Rather, we double our efforts to support and nurture those in need.   

    Warmest regards,

    Eric Pschorr 


A Message From Dr. Clark

  • Dr. Clark



    I am Dr. Kimberly Clark, and I currently serve as the assistant principal at Pinelands Regional Junior High School. It is my pleasure to share a little about myself as a professional including my goals and qualifications.

    Throughout my career, I have prided myself on putting students first. When making any decision, my questioning starts with “how will this benefit our children?” This question ALWAYS begins with a priority for the health and safety of our kids. Once student well-being has been established, I have been able to pursue other initiatives specifically those aimed at ensuring that our schools are inclusive for, and accepting of, all students. This goal has led to the creation of: student success teams; school-wide scheduling changes; a common start time for our schools; the piloting of an LGBTQ+ inclusive curriculum; implementation of trauma-sensitive practices; as well as, my focus this year on equity in education.

    Motivating and inspiring my colleagues to be their best is also a passion of mine. Everyone has the potential to be a leader. One aspect of my role as an educational leader is to cultivate a climate of achievement, where people are not afraid to take risks and in doing so can realize their maximum potential. One example of this relates to a program we implemented in the junior high school termed Practical Leadership Experience, where aspiring administrators can build their skills and experiential knowledge. Additionally, we work diligently to get all of our staff members involved outside of their classroom – in committees, activities, and through participation in surveys.

    In my role as an educational leader, I work for YOU and for everyone connected to our school community. Your voice matters. Communication between all of us is essential to the success of our children – who need their family, school, and community to be working toward the common goal of their ultimate success. It is with pleasure that I invite you to contact me whenever the need arises or even just to have a conversation. I look forward to our future collaboration.

    To give you a short history on my professional qualifications, I began my career as a Spanish teacher at Oakcrest High School, where I worked for approximately eight years. In addition to serving as an educator, I was also a three-season varsity coach for girls cross country, boys & girls winter track, and an assistant for girls spring track. I was then hired at Pinelands Regional School District as the district supervisor of special education and vice principal at our alternative high school. I was eager to spend more time with students, so when the junior high school assistant principal position became available, I jumped at the opportunity. I have been working happily in the role of assistant principal for many years.

    In terms of education, I earned my bachelor’s degree in Spanish from The College of New Jersey with a minor in mathematics. After a year of teaching and obtaining my teaching certification via the New Jersey Department of Education’s alternate route program, I returned to school at Nova Southeastern University (NOVA) for my master’s degree. My specialization at NOVA was instructional technology. Next, I attended a series of schools including Stockton University, Marygrove College, Thomas Edison State College, and NJEXCEL (through the New Jersey Principal’s and Supervisor’s Association). Through these educational experiences I earned my New Jersey state supervisory, principal, and superintendent certifications. After all of this, I still felt as if I had more to learn, and continued my educational journey through Rowan University from which I earned my doctorate in educational leadership. My educational experiences have led me to take a practitioner-researcher role through which I have published many articles, presented at several national conventions, and promoted best practices in education to teachers and administrators alike.

    Thank you for reading this letter as I recognize that I tend to be verbose. I sincerely love my job, love children, and wish to leave the field of education (as well as the halls of Pinelands Regional) a better place as a result of my work. Please know that I am always here to support you and our entire school community. One thing that I have learned in my years at Pinelands is that we are a family. I treat all of our children as if they are my own for, they are the reason that we are here. At Pinelands, we strive to build a community of love, support and learning, so that our students and staff can be their best selves and make a positive impact on our world. Our children are truly our future.

    Yours in education,

    Dr. Kimberly Clark

    Assistant Principal 

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