Timesheet & Substitute Pay

Employees are paid on the 15th and 30th of each month. In the event that these dates fall on a weekend or holiday, payment is made on the workday immediately preceding the pay date. 

Substitutes Rates :

  • Substitute Teacher - $130 per day

  • Substitute Clerical - $15 per hour

  • Substitute Custodian - $15 per hour

  • Substitute Maintenance - $15 per hour

  • Substitute Nurse - $300 per day

  • Long-Term Substitute Teacher - $150 per day (2 weeks or more)

  • Long-Term Substitute Aide - $85 per day

  • Substitute Athletic Trainer - $50 per hour

  • Temp. Leave Replacement Teacher (Certificated) - will be paid BA Step 1, per diem rate, with no medical benefits up to 6 months.

For substitutes and employees performing work on time sheets the pay dates are as follows: 

Period Worked

1st-15th of the month 

16th-30th of the month

Pay Date

30th of the month

15th of the next month

Payroll is processed and completed a week in advance of the actual pay date. Time sheets, direct deposit and payroll changes need to be forwarded to the Payroll office 10 days in advance of the pay date. Otherwise, they will be processed in the next payroll.

Time sheets must be submitted no later than the month after the work was performed. 

Time sheets must be completed in Genesis.  We no longer utilize paper timesheets.

Time sheets that are not properly completed will be returned.

Questions regarding your timesheet can be directed to Sarah O'Toole, (609) 296-3106, ext. 3188 or sotoole@prsdnj.org.