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Our Mission:

Pinelands School Based Youth Services Program is a collaborative partnership between the Department of Children and Families, Pinelands Regional School Board and the local community agencies.  The New Jersey School Based Youth Services Program has received numerous awards and national recognition for its innovative concepts addressing various education, social and emotional needs for adolescents and their families. 

Since 1988 Pinelands Youth Services has offered a safe and supportive environment for students and their families in Pinelands School District using a one-stop-shopping approach. 

Core Services include: individual and family counseling, substance abuse counseling, primary and preventive health services, learning support and employment counseling.  Recreation services are also an integral part of the program offering students fun, educational  after school, evening and weekend activities.

In 1990, it was awarded the American Public Welfare Association's Successful Projects Initiative Award and in 1991, the program received the prestigious Ford foundation/Harvard University Kennedy School of Government Innovations in Government Award. The program has been highlighted in Bill Mover's "All Our Children" series and in Walter Cronkite's "Our Families, Our Future". In 1994, the program was again recognized for innovation in government by Rutgers University.

Pinelands Youth Services is easily accessible to students and their family in both the junior high and high school buildings and helps teen:

-To graduate

-To be mentally and physically healthy

-To be drug free

-To be ready to enter employment or continue their education.


Pinelands School Based Youth Services is a comprehensive program offered in the Pinelands Regional School District available to ALL students and their families.

Pinelands Regional School District 

520 Nugentown Rd

Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087 


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