To report a possible HIB, please click the button below, read the full definition of a HIB, and fill-in all required fields:

Contact Information

High School Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Joann Fella
(609) 296-3106 ext. 2995

Junior High School Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Melissa Thompson
(609) 296-3106 ext. 4468   

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Karen M. Kenny, Director of Student Services
(609) 296-3106 ext. 2216

School Climate State Coordinator

Guidance for Parents on the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act


To report a possible safety threat, please click the button below. All report submissions will be investigated thoroughly.

Contact Information

High School Safety Committee
Troy Henderson, Principal

Kelli Green, Assistant Principal
Justin Loomis, Assistant Principal
Matthew Maleski, Assistant Principal

Junior High School School Safety Committee
Eric Pschorr, Principal
Kristine Thurber, Assistant Principal

School Safety Specialist
Matthew Maleski, Assistant Principal
(609) 296-3106 ext. 2261