Remote Learning Resources

Staff Expectations for Remote Learning Days

  • Students will access each of their teachers’  Oncourse Websites to retrieve the Google Classroom Codes for this school year.

  • At the start of each Remote Learning Day, students will review the lessons from each of their teachers on the Google Classrooms.  

  • Students will work on the lessons provided by all of their teachers for a total of at least four hours each Remote Learning Day. You will be required to work on lessons for a total of ten hours per week.

  • Students will communicate with their teachers through Gmail and Google Classroom and ask for support as needed.  Teachers will be checking their email and Google Classrooms several times a day.

  • Students will continue to check the progress on their assessments through feedback on Google Classroom as well as the grade portal in Oncourse.  

  • Students can still contact their guidance counselor, CST case manager, SBYS counselor, or administration for additional support as needed.

  • Pinelands staff emails can be found on the district website and is usually (first initial,

  • Students will repeat this process each Remote Learning Day, each weekday that school would normally be in session until school reopens.

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